Managing Director, Bentham Solutions Ltd, Sep 2011 to present day


Future Digital Programme Manager, Digital Factory, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, June 2018 to Present Day


In June 2018, The 'Digital Factory' was created at Salford with a mission to 'Make Better Decisions Faster'.  The factory operates an extremely agile process conducting tests of change and has the mantra 'Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast'.


It is based on an understanding of operational problems in specific areas of the business e.g. Flow for Inpatients and associated discharge challenges for nursing, bed management and patients.  It looks at opportunities in the process where digital technology can support and build solutions that can then expand at scale and pace.


The factory visualises the technology for patients, clinical and nob clinical staff to establish use cases at which point it undergoes full 'lab testing' to ensure technical, security, safety and most importantly process testing that seeks to address problems with the specific process before entering 'live pilot tests' in the operational areas.


I programme managed a number of tests of change relating to the inpatient pathway including:  


  • The development and implementation of a Task Management App designed to improve the efficiency and timeliness of Inpatient Discharges.
  • Video Consulation Technology deployed in both Theatre and Community Settings.
  • The initial phase of the Salford Personal Health Record - a portal that when fully developed is designed to give the citizens of Salford access to their record across a number of settings plus provide the ability for people to be able to add data to their record.
  • Automated Drug Dispensing Robots deployed within the Trust's Pharmacy Department designed to automatically deliver to each patient individual easy to open clearly labelled pouches containing the medication sorted into date and time order.

Development, Documentation and Implementation of the methodology adopted by the Future Digital Factory that took the key learnings from Salfords GDE Programme and applied them to the Identification, Visualisation, Lab Test, Live Test and Delivery stages.


Supported the delivery of a number of key events and presentations within the Digital Factory including a demonstration of the Automated Drug Dispensing Robots to Matt Hancock, Secretary of state for Health and Social Care in September 2018 that featured in both the National Press and Sky News.


Programme Manager, EPR Optimisation Programme, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay, June 2016 to June 2018

  • Managed and led the Lorenzo EPR Optimisation programme of work, ensuring that the various projects that make up the EPR Programme are delivered within their agreed time, budget to the desired quality;
  • Programme delivered new server infrastructure whilst optimising processes and system capability acros Inpatients, Outpatients, ED, Maternity and admin servies.
  • The Programme will also deploy new e-prescribing and Theatres functionality;


Programme Manager, Better Care Together Programme, Morecambe Bay, Sep 2015 to Dec 2016

  • Assisting and building the team to support the implementation of the vanguard programme strategy for Innovation, Informatics and Information (I3);
  • Implementation of various technologies and pilots including improved telephony, video consulting, electronic whiteboards, interated reporting analysis between primary and secondary care and implementation of the Qlik View Reporting Suite;
  • Ensuring the relevant programme governance was in place;
  • Working with the rest of the Better Care Together Programme to define the appropriate plan and deliverables for each financial year;
  • Defining the appropriate investment plans for Financial Years 2016/17 and 2017/18 relating to informatics;

Programme Manager, Smartcare Programme, Gloucester Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Feb 2015 to July 2015


  • Programme Managed the Implementation of Intersystems Electronic Patient Record comprising patient adminisration, order communications, e-prescribing, clinical decision support, A&E, theatres, pathology, pharmacy & stock control and clinical documentation;
  • This was an 8 year contract valued at £40 million;
  • The programme included a major upgrade if its wireless network alongside the EPR implementation to support the roll out of mobile devices to staff.


Project Manager, TrakCare Lab Implementations, Betsi Cadwaladr and Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Health Boards, Jan 2014 to Feb 2015

  • Part of £12.1M Programme to improve Pathology Services in Wales;
  • Delivered successful TrakCare Lab Implementation ensuring adoption of a new, national, standardised pathology system at 3 labs across 6 disciplines at the Health Board by replacing legacy Telepath System;
  • Responsible for delivery to LIVE of 28 Analysers and 10 System Interfaces;
  • Project attained all its objectives and provided the Health Board with the platform and impetus to reconfigure some services and to address long standing local service issues;
  • Achieved the first Wales LIMS Deployment with Microbiology and Blood Sciences services going live at the same time, plus the first deployment of Histology functionality;
  • Managed 6 separate go-lives over a 3 week period over multiple locations;
Project Manager, TrakCare Implementation at Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board, Sep 2011 to Dec 2013

Responsible for Project, Issue and Release Management Duties as part of the TrakCare Implementation at Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board. Part of the National Patient Management System (PMS) in Scotland.
  • TrakCare is an integrated Patient Management System covering Acute Patient administration, Clinical investigation, ordering and reporting, accident and emergency and clinical letters;
  • The Health Board covers approximately 6,000 beds across 10 hospitals with 4.7M patient attendances per annum;
  • In total there are now over 23,000 Trakcare Users across the Health Board;
  • At peak times there are approximately 3,300 consurrent system users generating over 30,000 lab requests and 6,000 clinical letters per day;
  • Trakcare replaced 18 legacy systems during the programme;
  • This represents the largest single TraCare deployment in the world;
Senior Project Manager, System C Healthcare Ltd, Feb 2008 to Sep 2011

As part of the National Programme for IT, managed the following Trust Programmes / Projects at University Hospitals at Morecambe Bay:
  • UHMB Lorenzo Programme - Based on performance during the depolyment of Lorenzo R1 Clinical functionality, the Trust requested that Keith programme managed their other Lorenzo Deployments including Care Management, Emergency Care, TTO Prescribing, Electronic Document Management, In-Patient Prescribing and Medication Administration, Pathology and Clinical Content;
  • Lorenzo R1.9 Early Adopter Care Management Deployment - a high profile deployment within the National Programme for IT, the trust became the first acute hospital to use the New Lorenzo Software with Patient Administration Functionality in June 2010;
  • The deployment involved the planning and execution of 'Parallel Runs' that involved over 120 staff using the Lorenzo System alongside the existing PAS System in order to stress test and demonstrate that all the key areas of the Lorenzo System were stable and ready to support the trusts need to be able to record 'a days work in a day';
  • Lorenzo R1 Early adopter Deployment - The First Acute Trust in the UK to deploy Lorenzo to deliver full Radiology Requesting and Resulting. Immediate Discharge Summaries implemented at pilot wards within Furness General Hospital facilitating electronic transfer of discharge information to Primary Care within 24 hours.
Senior Project Manager, System C Healthcare Ltd, Jan 2004 to Jan 2008

As part of the National Programme for IT, managed the following projects as a member of the ‘CSC Greater Manchester Deployment Team’:
  • i.PM PAS deployment at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Acute - the scope included the migration of 2 years worth of legacy data plus the development of interfaces to 5 'downstream systems';
  • Successfully managed the i.PM PAS deployment at Manchester Mental Health and Social Care NHS Trust - incorporating the implementation of an interface between i.PM and the trusts legacy PAS system Amigos;
  • Lead the implementation of the GE PACS System at Stockport Foundation Hospitals NHS Trust - new functionality across 15 modalities;
  • Facilitated the go-live of the CRIS Radiology System at Stockport Foundation Hospitals NHS trust - replacement of existing legacy system within the Radiology Department;
  • During 2006, was responsible for the Programme Management of several community and mental health deployments delivered by System C on behalf of Accenture within the North East and Eastern Clusters;
  • Successfully achieved a major implementation of the i.PM PAS System at Pennine Care NHS Trust. This was a phased deployment involving the migration of data from 3 different PAS Systems and the implementation of a new management reporting system for the trust;
  • During my time in the Greater Manchester Team, I was 'Sector Lead' and meant that I was responsible for the Programme Management of the other projects within the NE and SE Sectors of Manchester;
  • In addition to reporting progress to the Deployment Manager, I represented the LSP at various meetings involving senior staff from the Local Trusts and SHA. Developed and built good relationships with stakeholders at all levels;
Director of Implementation Management, Jade Direct UK Ltd, 2002 to 2004
  • Accountable for Resource Management and Implementation across the company's UK operation. Initially, this involved supporting the companies existing UK Healthcare Customers;
  • It later became my responsibility to ensure that the pre-sales activity across 3 different Local Service Providers was appropriately resourced and delivered. (IBM, PlexusCare and Schlumberger);
  • Successfully controlled the delivery of an IT solution incolving the conversion and interface of data from separate Local Authority and Mental Health Systems into the Jade application. This facilitated access to a new unified view of the clients Health and Social Service Data across Harrow;
  • As part of thsi project, I facilitated the specification of additional care pathway and Web Browser functionality to be used by staff in remote locations;
  • Managed the implementation of the 'TASMAN' call management system to 'World Vision UK', a Christian Aid charity based in Milton Keynes. This project was part of a series of implementations to World Vision Charities across the Northern and Southern Hemispheres;
Senior Project Manager, the Co-operative Group, 2000 - 2002
  • Responsible for the implementation of a £1.2 Million IT Programme of work to over 1100 Co-op stores in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland;
  • This comprised the delivery of software developments, new EPOS Equipment, Radio Frequency Hand Held Technology and Training. Building relationships with 3rd party suppliers such as ICL, Symbol, Zebra and Ryzex was key to the implementation of this work programme;
  • The Alternative Merchant Acquirer Project facilitated the testing of a full range of credit card transactions for the different EPOS configurations across the estate to an alternative Merchant Bank;
  • A comprehensive test polling programme was developed and initiated in conjunction with HSBC and ICL as part of this project;
  • The Project was delivered using the 'End to End' Project Management Methodology, within budget to the satisfaction of the business;
Senior Project Manager, Torex Ltd 1999 - 2000
  • Efficient delivery of a £750,000 PC based Care Manangement Solution to a hospital in London. This accomplishment was largely due to a thorough adherence to Project Management Methodologies from the creation of the Project Initiation Document to the customer acceptance of the final Project Milestone;
  • This installation was subject to a high degree of variance from the originally contracted deliverables. Therefore, it was vital to negotiate, specify, document and deliver all changes to both the clients and company's satisfaction;
  • Vast experience of managing data conversions from both in-house systems and 3rd party suppliers;
  • Responsible for the transfer of Child Health and Community Data for an NHS trust in the North of England to the latest version of the software. Successfully co-ordinated colleagues in the programming department to ensure a timely and accurate data conversion;
  • In conjunction with the training department, helped to design and refine a training package to support the customer during the roll out of the system.
Project Manager, Peak Systems Ltd 1994 - 1999
  • I assiisted a Community Trust in Hertfordshire to perform a timely and profitable data migration. In addition, supported the customer in both specifying and delivering two major new systems used across the whole county, without delay to either project;
  • Lead a customer in Kent through the process of implementing a new Hospital, Community and Mental Health System for 12 disciplines within the organisation. This accomplishment was largely due to diligent supervision of the customer throughout the duration of the project, specifically ensuring that they kept realistic expectations and to the project deliverables whilst keeping them motivated towards usung a new system;
Pre-Sales Consultant, Peak Systems Ltd 1992 - 1994
  • An integral member of the Pre-Sales Team, my role was dedicated to supporting pre-sales activities and was the senior point of contact for procurement demonstrations, exhibitions and seminars;
  • I performed software demonstrations in a wide variety of venues and learned how to communicate effectively using techniques appropriate to the audience, situation and venue.
Implementation Manager, Central Manchester NHS Trust, 1990 - 1992
  • My primary function was leading Senior Trust Management through the development and implementation of a Community System Upgrade;
  • In addition, I was responsible for ongoing system maintenenance, production of traning programmes, delivery of end user training, system security and submission of timely and accurate statutory returns;
  • It was my responsibility to co-ordinate and chair regular Steering Group Meetings;
  • During this time I was elected Chairman of the National User Group;

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