Predictive Index Test Results - Keith Bentham.

The Predictive Index® System is a powerful process that combines behavioral assessment with world-class training and consulting.

At the core of the process is the Predictive Index® (PI®) assessment tool. Developed in 1955, PI helps managers to identify the motivations and drives of their people. The following are the results of the PI Test taken by Keith on 2nd June 2011.


Keith is an enthusiastic communicator, poised, convincing and capable of projecting friendliness and warmth, and of motivating other people.

He has a strong sense of urgency, initiative and drive to get things done correctly, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process. He understands people well and uses that understanding effectively in motivating and persuading others to act.

Very impatient for results and for the achievement of his goals, Keith is a self-starter and has sufficient self-confidence to make decisions under pressure. Those decisions will be carefully considered, and he will use the ideas and advice of other people to help the process along.

At ease and self-assured with groups or in making new contacts, Keith is affable and extroverted, and is always "selling" in a general sense. He has particular aptitude for training and bringing out the best in others, and takes pride in contributing to the business' success in that way. He can delegate both authority and details carefully and with close follow-up. He will apply pressure to others for results, doing so persuasively, in a friendly and helpful manner.

Keith learns and reacts quickly and works at a faster-than-average pace. He handles details quickly and accurately, but will become less effective if required to work continuously with repetitive tasks.

Strongest Behaviours

Keith will most strongly express the following behaviours:

Proactively connects quickly to others; he's open and sharing of himself. Builds and leverages relationships to get work done.

Comfortably fluent and fast talk, in volume. He enthusiastically persuades and motivates others by considering their point of view and adjusting his delivery.

Collaborative; usually works with and through others. Intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations.

Proactivity in driving to reach his goals while moving at a faster-than-average pace. Inquisitive about the world around him.

Relatively independent in taking action on his own ideas. Resourcefully works around most obstacles blocking completion of what he wants to accomplish.

Eager for results, his drive is for swift implementation. He works best in fast-paced environments offering a variety of activities, rather than routines.

Selling Style

As a salesperson, Keith will be:

Persuasive and confident in guiding the process towards his goal Driven to keep the process moving along quickly; ensuring that his prospects' needs are met, their questions answered, and the details finalized

Motivated in working with and through others to facilitate the sale; confident in his abilities to persuade and influence others

Dually focused on connecting with my customer on a personal basis and attending to the technical details or specifics of implementation as well

Fluent and engaging – will speak and process information very quickly, moving from one point to the next very rapidly – able to focus on more than one thing at a time

Capable of making technical or specialized products accessible to many different people.

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