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"Keith is an exemplary and outstanding Digital Programme Manager.




Keith first worked with University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay (UHMB) between 2008 and 2011 as EPR Programme Manager, leading to the "First of Type" Acute Provider deployment of the Lorenzo EPR in June 2010.  Keith managed a substantial piece of work with a team that peaked at 120 people, collectively from UHMB, Connecting for Health (CfH) and the supplier CSC.  Keith received a national award for this deployment from the British Computer Society.  During this time not only did Keith lead this work, but he also trained a large number of UHMB colleages in Project Management Skills, during the delivery of this substantial piece of work.


After a period deploying InterSystems EPR's in Glasgow, Wales and Gloucester, Keith returned to Morecambe Bay in September 2015 and worked as programme manager for the Digital workstream of our Bette Care Together Programme (now Bay Heath and Care Partners).  This was partnership working and delivering connected capability for an emerging accountable care system.  From September 2015 to December 2016 Keith managed the implementation of various technologies and pilots including improved telephony, video consulting, electronic whiteboards, integrated reporting analysis between primary and secondary care and implementation of QlikView Reporting Suite.


Current Programme of Work:


Keith moved to programme manager for the UHMB EPR Optimisation Programme in July 2016, which was an ambitious post-national programme, to refine improve and deliver new EPR capability so that Lorenzo EPR Capability is completed and widely deployed around Morecambe Bay Hospitals by July 2018.  There are 8 workstreams in this programme including:


  1. Infrastructure: a move to a shared instance with 18 NHS Trusts to a single instance (completed in April 2017)
  2. Admin: optimised bookings and waiting list management  (completed in october 2017 with residual work aligned to a large scale ERS Project).
  3. Emergency Department: advanced EPR documentation and linking EPR to e-whiteboards with co-designed work by clinicians.  A paperlite ED Department deployed in July 2017 and completed by september 2017.
  4. Clinicals 1 Outpatients: Advanced EPR Content structured forms, clinical chart and device integration in ophthalmology and gynaecology to meet the needs of some specialties, to prototype post-EPR Programme work.
  5. Clinicals 2 Inpatients:  this project built on the previously delivered comprehensive nursing record, where an Inpatient Clinical Chart "housed" the nursing inpatient documentation (notes, assessment forms, care plans).  Doctor content was developed and placed alongside nursing care within the clinical chart.  Firstly, doctor ward round notes in February 2017, then the deployment of a highly complex Emergency Assessment Form, to support the clerking of all patients admitted into the hospital on the emergency care pathway, together with multiple embedded assessment and risk stratification forms, including VTE and dementia.  This was deployed in November 2017, rolled out by January 2018 and completed the paperlite documentation from front door (ED) to back door (Electronic Discharge letters sent to GP's).
  6. Maternity: A comprehensive project to optimise maternity EPR content, improve summary screens, workflow and linkage from antenatal to intra partum to post natal care.  a key component was design and provision of a Wi-Fi enabled EPR record for community midwives (4G internal dongle-enabled laptops) and provision of disconnected maternity record when Wi-Fi is unavailable through an app on the laptop.
  7. E-Prescribing: a hospital-wide inpatient deployment of E-prescribing is about to go-live across all wards (except ICU) in 3 Hospitals in UHMB, aproject that will complete in June 2018.
  8. Theatres: A New Deployment of Lorenzo Theatres will be deployed in July 2018 to replace a legacy Theatres management system.  This will complete the EPR Optimisation Programme.


Keith's Skill sets


Keith is a highly capable Digital Programme Manager with particular expertise in delivering EPR Programmes of work and this transferable skillset would apply to any EPR System, I think.  Keith works prodigiously hard and is able to manage all the interdependencies and risks associated with multiple streams of project work.  Keith is exceptional at supporting project manager colleagues and recognising their variable strengths and weaknesses and supporting gaps and maximising value and capability out of project manager colleagues.  In short, he gets the best out of people.


Keith as significant political and diplomatic skills and is comfortable working with a whole range of colleagues, including anxious and worried (and sometimes difficult) clinicians.  He is adept at working with Executive Director Colleagues and in this role has worked closely with our Finance Director/Deputy CEO who is also our SIRO and Sponsor for this EPR Programme.  He also works closely with our trust chairman.  Key meetings that Keith is involved in include the weekly EPR Programme Meeting, monthly Clinical Design Authority and subsidiary Nursing Design and Maternity Design Authorities. Monthly EPR Delivery, for which Keith is the main presenter and the Trust Chair chairs that meeting.


Keith is disciplined to deliver digital programmes, but who is flexible to cope with adverse circumstances and is able to flex and re-profile deployments to maintain safe and deliverable deployments.  A recent example was the need to pause and re-cast a new deployment plan for a major e-prescribing project, when the organisation was under extreme staffing and workload pressures due to emergency work, impacting on training and the project.  Keith doesn't take problems to directors, without presenting new solution options.


Keith has also recognised and filled some gaps, which wouldn't be expected in his role.  For instance there was a significant gap in support from our Trust Communications team, which was a risk to the successful delivery of rogramme.  Keith recognised this and helped to co-design a communications project with an external comm's resource and also helped to deliver a substantial proportion of the written comms and video material that we have used.




In summary, Keith is a highly talented Digital Programme Manager, who has repeatedly successfully delivered large programmes of work in Morecambe Bay and elsewhere.  He does this with significant attention to detail, but also with a skilled and flexible approach where needed.  Keith discharges his work and relates to people with good humour.  I recommend Keith as a Digital Programme Manager, wholeheartedly and without Reservation".


Dr Colin Brown, Chief Clinical Information Officer, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay.


"I am writing to recommend Keith with whom I worked in Morecambe Bay in both the Hospital EPR project and the Digital aspects of the NHS Vanguard project in Morecambe Bay in recent years.


Keith is one of the best Heath IT and Digital Change programme managers I have ever come across in my long career.  He has the ability to combine great people skills and masses of domain knowledge and the kind of professional structured programme and project framework that gives the organisation the best chance of sucess in implementing digital change.


He is absolutely dedicated to delivery.  He can pinpoint the critical path and the key risks by asking the common sense questions and helping the team focus on what is important.  He also keeps a close eye on costs and the delivery of benefits".

Paul Charnley, Director of IT and Information, Wirral University Teaching Hospital.


“Keith is an excellent project manager with a great focus on his customer. When working for me in the NHS, Keith was fundamental in the successful implementation of a large scale hospital system. Keith always went the extra mile in order to ensure a great outcome for his customer.”

Stuart Rankin. Programme Manager, Computer Sciences Corporation.

“Keith is a consumate professional. Excellent relationship skills and a passionate advocate for his projects. Confident in his abilities to deliver at all times and do so with humour and patience, in an often testing client environment. I would have no hesitation in working with or employing Keith.”

Craig Oates. Sales Director at Accenture.

“I found Keith to be a first class project manager, at all times focussing and caring greatly on both his deliverables and the people with whom he worked, resulting in a very harmonious working relationship for all whilst simultaneously getting the job done.”

Paul Simmons. Testing Coordinator, Computer Sciences Corporation.

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